How to Create Your Own Restaurant Logos with a Limited Budget

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November 17, 2017
Restaurant Logos

A restaurant logo isn’t just a visual emblem or façade to express the goodness of your business. In fact, it is a visual identity that makes your client realizes how master chef you are at your venue…the CS, steaks, sittings, presentations….. Everything!

But, it’s only the customer’s perspective; your client looks for something bigger than that. Whether your banners, brochures, booklets, catalogues, social media pages, business cards etc, contains your well-designed hotel logos enough to make your customers step-in, at least for a weekend dine-in & how persuasive is it in convincing them that their investment has actually pay off .

But, equally damaging a poorly designed logo can be for your restaurant‘s image. You regular birds might chirp at your eatery stations but, those potentials won’t ever! Why they should…. they need a reason to spend!

If you are planning to open up a restaurant business; either that kiosk setting or massive five-star, let’s say then, God Almighty have mercy on you because, it’s not like you have a rough logo sketch & you are expecting customers to come !…xxxx Sorry to say xxx; its more than that .

With this in mind, we have come up with a small guide for beginner restaurant owners to follow while developing their initial logo concept. We won’t mind any experts taking advice too!

  1. The ABC of A Smart Restaurant Logo

Can you recall a few of your favorite restaurant logos? Don’t worry if you can’t right now but, most of them are commonly designed around those traditional global cuisine themes ( Chinese, Continental , Pakistani, French , Italian ) with large mouth-watering backdrops; making the venue standout as specialty piece of that particular meal origin.

Seafood, wontons, steaks & pizza must have enticed you at corridor while you check-in as restaurant‘s logo image.

But , not only your logo purpose ends here by just being a pictorial illusion ; it needs to inform your customers & clients about your corporate values, integrity , operational mechanics, value chain , the general venue style & specifics broadly  – the overall theme you can say .

Before you pick your logo color-font palate, be mindful what message specifically you want to communicate to your target niche &potential clients.

  1. Should I Create My Own Logo Or Hire Any Designer?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon how much budget you have right now in your hand & how early you are thinking about this decision to put into practice – are there any time constraints?

However, you can put your logo dream into reality through many ways. One of them is to DIY probably with some editor or by hand.

But, for a startup like you, this can be dead risky & time -taking.

So, better to move with option #2, which is to hire a logo designer – it will truly save you relive! Connect with our logo designers with for free tips & recommendations.

     3. How to Pick the Right Icon?

The most popular restaurant logos images that you must have tabled on the menu card are:

  • tableware (spoon, fork, knife, glass, dish);
  • chef’s hat and apron;
  • kitchen utensils (saucepan, spatula, ladle);
  • Oven, stove, etc.
  • meals steaming out smoke/sizzlers
  • vine glasses

Restaurant Logo

Though the logos above are wide popular but, at the same time too much generic & faceless; definitely you don’t ant your brand to be that occasional!

Look for some logos that can add Weightage to your project & serves as a reason to endure long in industry among rivals.

Most importantly, it must have the ability to win the recall of your customers & future to-be’s.

Sometimes it’s fun to adopt trends or contra-twist competitor’s logo to avoid replication.

  1. How to Pick the Right Logo Shade?

This is another tricky decision that you face on front while making your logo. Especially, when it comes to restaurants, it’s not an easy show to pick up your favorite shade & start painting. In the end, it might look like a beautiful canvas-piece but, not certainly a business logo!

Selecting the right color for your appealing restaurant logos is dead tough key but , remember only the right combination can makes your logo win the competition & can make it stand -out as ever memorable and purpose-oriented.

While jumping on the color psychology, it’s important to understand that every color carries a certain connotation & science behind.

Frankly for foody or an FMCG industry; avoid dyes that will look too bright for your marketing collaterals & corporate branding since, customers don’t like eye-sharpening colors much. Therefore, natural food colors like, soft red, yellow shades with little brown pigments; classical black with red will goes best for a catchy restaurant logo design.

Furthermore, for a better industry understanding & current trends, you can look for online logos of similar restaurant businesses – local or global both for deeper idea– to guide your business direction towards right point.

Lastly, if you are that multi-color person & wants to show-off  this God Almighty’s gifted love in your logo work too then, we won’t stop you from selecting a multiple color strategy but be cautious: the more color you use , the more balance will be required for a prefect look .

    5. How to Pick the Right Font?

If your logo is more text -oriented than an image one then, you ll need to pick up a font- size & style with best visibility across all corporate marketing or branding channel.

Remember some important tips for your logo typeface:

  • Make your font legible enough.
  • Make your font compliment with the icon: Note that colossal fonts (After Disaster, Europe, Garamond, etc.) go well with massive icons.
  • No small details: Avoid any fancy trails or hand-made fonts as they can make your text hard to read for your customers on small logos especially. Pick up clean & simple font size & style like: Micra, MigistralC, and others.

Extras to Think About!  Do Not Clutter Your Logo.

We will wrap up here with some additional recommendations for your smart restaurant business


  • Just keep your logo simple with an icon and a short message or a tagline preferably. For some cases it’s better to choose any on – either an icon or text.
  • Follow a simple, one -font strategy: Rather than multiple –fonts one. You can go for choosing two matching or alike fonts that would look good together for sure but ,more fonts can spoil your logo as ‘messy’.


  • Avoid multiple images and long messages.
  • For God Almighty’s sake, your logo needs room to breathe! Therefore, it’s good to leave some inch blank spaces at the extreme edges & place your logo symbol in center as customers are more used to it.
  • Do not make your logo feel like a rainbow: If you think that 02 colors won’t make enough effect then, you can use as maximum as 04 colors & shades but not more than that!
  • Avoid imitating your competition: No, not any replicas this time! It’s all about your logo launch in market so, JBH & just consider other’s work for inspirations & improvements rather than imitations.

We wish you very good luck for your next restaurant business .God Almighty bless your endeavor.

At any pint of time if you ever feel the need to create a challenging restaurant business  logo ; , logo designing services are right here & just a  call away .Don’t let those narrow budget handcuffs stop you to visit our logo design gallery full of our top restaurant logos!

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