These foxy 15 clothing logos will definately put you on fire

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Branding is that exclusive marketing arch that needs powerful promotional & advertising tools to be reached out to end-users. No any industry can claim itself  surviving  without branding & keeps on hunting productive ways to distill out its brand in front of public via a perfect  publicity, advertisement and promotion package – though not fixed but the ways keep on shuffling with some being trends while, others being fads.

Apart from the above reality, the basic prerequisite is that particular industry or brand’s self- identity or corporate recognition.

The root lies in developing that  basic identity & that stems out from hitting hard on your core impressive competencies – definitely God Almighty‘s gifted– to inspire your target niche & build your industry repo for years to store-cage in customer minds.  But, recognition needs to be informative yet persuasive & the preliminary step to convey that business message to potential clients is your killer business logo certainly!

Since, it’s the most vital step to let your customer recognize & bond with you therefore, it needs to be something catchy, creative, attractive and unique ……but, but…..simple!

Though every industry dye-hearts to get highlighted & standout but naturally, fashion industry is at its peak in doing such insane – always being on ramp for its users. So, if you say a no to opting for a stylish yet meaningful logo for your business then don’t worry, never ever any potential would knock at your door !..Its not sarcasm dude.

Style and clamor makes the prefect fashions statements for this industry & definitely not distracting especially for the ladies…woow! Let us share here for you the ten most fool-zeal & inspiring fashion branding logos meeting every industry‘s demand & off-course, the shining star of every fashion enthusiast!

You would love to check & bounce each of them & learn their creative ways of promotion with a superb logo theme.

  1. CamItaly Logo Design Symbol

Though being extremely simpler & serious by every means, this zing-zag , stripped colorful  logos has been created out of a T-shirt symbol.

Unquestionably, can be a corporate branding emblem for any new or expiring fashion brand to revamp its looks or any clothing generation brand can opt this – not limited to t-shirts !

T-shirt symbol

  1. Case FX

It’s not a music company logos, my friend.  Being extremely colorful & chic with standing pose, check out another logo example capturing very simple yet colorful themes to signify any XYZ or ABC fashion apparel brand.

Case FX

    3. Feodora F

Butterfly, as per my POV are the most widely printed fashion logos icons due to their elegance & style statement plus, power to fly &plug! *** God Almighty blesses the lil creature***. Clamp on this perfectly synonymous logo & add more grace & sophistication to your brand.

Feodora F

   4. Fashion Logo

Can you see the center image? …it’s a needle & a thread together .Such a mind-blowing idea to represent your knitting & fashion industry as a main symbol.

Candle out & add some alternate capital letter or can shuffle around with more bold colors to stand out.

Fashion Logo

  1. KK Tag

This classic black logos is designed for urban apparel s’ modesty & fashionable designs. Extremely static & to give that famous look as- ‘dress like you are already a celebrity’.

Sensationally amazing; recommended for fashion branding with decency socks-on!

KK Tag

  1. Linda – High Fashion Designer

Dress hanger says it loud that the logo for Linda-a high-steer fashion shoe designer, must definitely designed for a truly passionate fashion business who loves to aspire at all ages & across every gender. You would definitely get amazed to see its simplicity but would blow away with its impressiveness.


  1. Mistebeauty

Ideally seen with jewelry brands; this exceptionally graceful logo by MisteBeauty.LT is alone enough to pull your senses on deck with a concave &  Flowery pattern in circular shape representing the awesome appearance for any fashion brand  or clothing label to inspire & twist .


  1. Stick In Style

Though seems very Natural but the logo by Stick In style is deep in nature & certainly, suggest its logo designer not being a bandwagon for sure! Very simple with popular & catchy text mostly, with a clean backdrop that says all classy in black.

Pin this logo for your next clothing logo design contest or project offshore. The best part is you can play with it in any style or font tweaks you want!

Stick In Style

Stay On Read…!

Shifting the chapter towards a new side,; next we are going to discuss with you few epics of daring animal logos, used as corporate social logos for fashion .

Not a thing to take absurd; animal logos forms one of the best icon or symbol in logo designing for clothing industry & is definitely most impressive.

Give a glance to the clothing logos below with most touchy animal logo symbols expressing uniqueness with impression.

  1. Red Cat

The lil kitty is back with ‘Red Cat’ – the fashion brand with a sleek, slim & smart look; nudging the tale here & there  in a positive attitude with class ; that is desirable for every apparel brand .

The sight of the logo is dead cool enough to draw you insane with its first impressive glance.

Red Cat

  1. Concu

‘Lion ‘- the king of jungle is known for its roar , strength & fierce nature but , many clothing apparel companies are now pushing this concept live into a well-designed lion logo to imprint definitely ‘not fear’ but , ‘victory ‘ to admire by customers .


You won’t mind to look some more. Enjoy these tens’ 🙂

11. Bonanza Offers

Bonanza Offers

12. Book My Looks

Book My Looks

13. Dance Ahead Style™

Dance Ahead Style

14. Jack & Jons

Jack & Jons

Last but not the least:  one of our favorites:

15. Vabrika


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